Translating Weather Information Into Decision Aids

InitWeather consulting services consist of providing weather data, data interpretation and analysis, research, and medium and long-range weather forecasting. Weather forecasts or long-term climate data can help your business take advantage of weather-driven opportunities or minimize unnecessary expenses. Accurate data interpretation can improve decision-making and minimize any weather-related risk.

Our consulting service weather information into decision aids that you can use as planning tools to lower costs and increase profit with enhanced safety. In addition to providing weather data, interpretation, and forecasting, InitWeather’s advanced degree meteorologists are well-versed in conducting research and providing in-depth analysis in written reports.

Our meteorologists have has significant government and academic experience acquiring and analyzing weather data for applied research. In order to best serve your company, InitWeather offers an on-call service in which our consulting meteorologists are available to speak to you on-demand as your schedule dictates.

Industries Served
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Retail and serice industry
Advantages of InitWeather
  • Advanced degree meteorologists with over 20 years of combined meteorology experience
  • Personalized on-demand support and services
  • Rigorous analysis of the weather data that may impact your busi
  • Clear and concise communication of the meteorological data

InitWeather offers accurate and thorough forecasts and on-site support for your weather related event or for business
planning purposes. We can tailor a specific, custom service to meet your exact requirements.

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