Custom Weather Modeling

Customized Numerical Weather Prediction Solutions

Numerical Weather Prediction

Numerical weather prediction (NWP) models are routinely used to provide guidance in operational weather forecasting. InitWeather can provide customized NWP solutions to fit any forecasting need. We have significant experience running a variety of high-resolution numerical models on high performance modeling clusters. InitWeather provides NWP forecasts of traditional weather parameters such temperature, wind, and precipitation as well as other variables such as turbulence, cloud cover, and icing potential, among many others.

InitWeather Offers
  • Subscription-based daily planning NWP forecasts.
  • Event-based NWP forecasts.
  • NWP forecasts delivered in the days or hours leading up to your event.
  • NWP forecasts of traditional and site-specific weather parameters.
  • Personal consultation and individual support from our meteorologists.

Advantages of InitWeather
  • Advanced degree meteorologists with over 20 years of combined meteorology experience
  • Personalized on-demand support and services
  • Rigorous analysis of the weather data that may impact your busi
  • Clear and concise communication of the meteorological data

InitWeather offers accurate and thorough forecasts and on-site support for your weather related event or for business
planning purposes. We can tailor a specific, custom service to meet your exact requirements.

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