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InitWeather and 45th Weather Squadron
45th Weather Squadron August 01, 2021

InitWeather is has been awarded the contract to overhaul and update the lightning probability tool in support of weather assessments for air and space operations at Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

This contract is in support of the United States Space Force 45th Weather Squadron, based out of Patrick Space Force Base, which provides comprehensive weather data and specialized services for the United States Space Force and NASA personnel.

Radio Cade Podcast featuring Dr. Leela Watson of InitWeather
Radio Cade Podcast March 31, 2021

Dr. Leela Watson appears on the Radio Cade podcast, brought to you by the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention.

…”by using advanced algorithms and machine learning, we can make faster and more reliable predictions about the weather that can help a wide range of industries, including agriculture, energy, and aerospace.”…

InitWeather and Heka Aero Two Stage Hybrid HAUAS Design
InitWeather & Heka Aero HAUAS

InitWeather, along with Heka Aero, presents the design for the world’s first high altitude unmanned aerial system, capable of gathering crucial weather intelligence during a true vertical ascent up to 60,000 ft.  

The revolutionary two-stage hybrid engine is designed to operate in a variety of environmental conditions, all while minimizing environmental impacts, unlike weather balloons.


AI Weather for Any Industry.

Smart weather forecast models tailored to your needs.


Poor weather planning can lead to staggering losses. InitWeather’s agricultural products give you the edge on inclement weather so you can better prepare to protect your crops.


InitWeather provides atmospheric weather monitoring and forecasting support services during critical decision making moments for commercial aerospace launches.


InitWeather’s intelligent weather models are used to assist traders and self-directed investors in electing sounder investment choices to capitalize on market gains.


All you need is data.

The key to any successful forecast is using quality data. We use a full suite of rigorously vetted data in our proprietary model in order to provide a forecast that allows for better, more informed decisions. 


We use all available model to feed into our model. Better data equals better forecasts.

Proprietary Model

Our proprietary AI models are built to improve upon existing model forecasts.

Better Forecasts

Our AI model can produce better forecasts – up to 33% better for certain parameters.

Built For You

We don’t repackage and sell the same model to clients. Our model is built specifically for your needs.

Our Story

Breaking the mold.

We’re on a mission to modernize the tools of weather forecasting by integrating modern technology.  We don’t believe in ‘because it has always been done that way’.

Leela Watson. Ph.D.

Leela Watson, received her Ph.D. in Meteorology from Florida State University in 2006. After receiving her doctorate, she began employment as a member of NASA’s Applied Meteorology Unit (AMU), a unit that transitions weather technology from research into operations in support of the U.S. space program. In the AMU she was the resident weather modeling expert, where she developed and implemented a meteorological model and data assimilation (DA) capability for the AMU’s customers. Her projects included detailed statistical analysis and validation of model output. Dr. Watson also collaborated with meteorological agencies and universities to research, develop, and implement modeling systems providing technical expertise in NWP and DA as needed. Leela is obsessed with all things horses and enjoys making jewelry.

Jordanna Sheermohamed, M.S.

Jordanna Sheermohamed, completed her M.S. and B.Sc. in Meteorology from Florida State University in 2005 and 2003 respectively, with a minor in mathematics and physics.  Jordanna began her meteorology career by analyzing and producing trend weather forecasts for the financial sector, which segued into hazardous weather monitoring for several U.S. Naval bases and their shore-side assets.  Jordanna continues to provide global maritime weather and transoceanic routing support services to U.S Naval research and operation vessels, marine research expeditions, and aerospace and launch support.  Why weather? Seeing energy in motion, and the rawest truest form of energy out there; nature. Jordanna enjoys playing various musical instruments, traveling off the beaten path, getting lost in nature, or swallowed by the sea.

Mike Watson, M.S.

Mike Watson, received his M.S. in Meteorology from Florida State University in 2005. He began his career as an operational meteorologist with Surfline/Wavetrak, Inc. in 2002 and is currently the Atlantic Operations Manager and Lead Forecaster. Mr. Watson’s operational experience involves issuing highly detailed weather, marine and surf forecasts across the globe using state-of-the-art forecasting tools. He has produced forecasts and provided decision support services for high level marine related events around the world. Mr. Watson has produced many rich editorial weather pieces including climatological related studies and long range forecasts for both commercial entities and consumer consumption. Mike is an avid surfer and loves to fish. When he isn’t working, you can find him in the water.

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