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InitWeather and 45th Weather Squadron
USSF 45th Weather Squadron

InitWeather is has been awarded multiple contracts to optimize the lightning probability tool used to support weather assessments for air and space operations at Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

These contracts are in support of the United States Space Force 45th Weather Squadron, based out of U.S. Patrick Space Force Base, out of Cape Canaveral, Florida which provides comprehensive weather data and specialized services for the United States Space Force and NASA personnel.

Quantum Data Technologies:
Quantum Data Technologies

InitWeather has partnered with Quantum Data Technologies to provide curated weather datasets used to enhance machine learning model forecasts for commodities, finances, and energy markets. With quantifiable results in hand, let us help you maximize returns on your investments.

InitWeather and Heka Aero Two Stage Hybrid HAUAS Design
InitWeather & Heka Aero HAUAS

InitWeather, along with Heka Aero, presents the design for the world’s first high altitude unmanned aerial system, capable of gathering crucial weather intelligence during a true vertical ascent up to 60,000 ft.  

The revolutionary two-stage hybrid engine is designed to operate in a variety of environmental conditions, all while minimizing environmental impacts, unlike weather balloons.


AI Weather for Any Industry.

Smart weather forecast models tailored to your needs.


Poor weather planning can lead to staggering losses. InitWeather’s agricultural products give you the edge on inclement weather so you can better prepare to protect your crops.


InitWeather provides atmospheric weather monitoring and forecasting support services during critical decision making moments for commercial aerospace launches.


InitWeather’s intelligent weather models are used to assist traders and self-directed investors in electing sounder investment choices to capitalize on market gains.

InitWeather Custom Weather Datasets

Data Analytics

InitWeather’s global curated weather datasets undergo rigorous verification processes to ensure quality solutions for quantifiable improvements.

InitWeather Maritime Routing and Operations


InitWeather’s maritime forecasts include custom image packages to support near- and offshore maritime operations and vessel routing.

InitWeather image of the Southern Hemisphere Satellite Data

Weather Models

InitWeather’s custom built weather models for your point location, general area, or larger region can help you harness the power of lead time to brace for weather impacts.


All you need is data.

The key to any successful forecast is using quality data. We use a full suite of rigorously vetted data in our proprietary model in order to provide a forecast that allows for better, more informed decisions. 


We use all available model to feed into our model. Better data equals better forecasts.

Proprietary Model

Our proprietary AI models are built to improve upon existing model forecasts.

Better Forecasts

Our AI model can produce better forecasts – up to 33% better for certain parameters.

Built For You

We don’t repackage and sell the same model to clients. Our model is built specifically for your needs.

Our Story

Breaking the mold.

InitWeather is heavily involved in transitioning weather technology from research to operations.

We’re on a mission to modernize the tools of weather forecasting by integrating modern technology.  We don’t believe in ‘because it has always been done that way’.

Started by friends who met in graduate school, went on to have separate careers as meteorologists, and reunited to combine talents and efforts collectively spanning over 60 years, the team at InitWeather are heavily active in all facets of the weather industry.

Professional Experiences

Subject matter expertise to the financial and commodities markets including long range forecasts and seasonal trends ▪ leading NASA’s Applied Meteorology Unit (AMU) ▪  Operational Weather Support Services for U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Space Force ▪ Maritime Routing & Operations ▪ Submersibles, Surf ▪ Commercial Projects ▪ Non-Profits ▪ Research ▪ Aerospace Launch ▪ Impact-Based Decision Support Services (IDSS) ▪ Numerical Weather Prediction ▪ Data Assimilation ▪ Customized Weather Modeling Systems, Statistical Analysis & Validation

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